Saturday, May 24, 2014

Belle S., Age 4 yrs., Take 7!

We love East Coast Starz!!! It's always fun there!!! I can hear my daughter Belle chanting this words.
The very first time we joined this amazing group, my then 3 years old daughter Belle was a very shy little girl. After her first East Coast Starz experience, she evolve into this confident and more outgoing self. That put smile on mommy's face, seeing my little girl enjoyed every fun activities and opportunities this amazing group offered. Every child is treated and made feel like a star that they are. Everyone is a winner and everyone has the chance to shine.

Belle had so much fun at Take 7 event. We met lots of our old friends and made lots of new ones. The event was a great experience not only for kids but for the whole family as well. Fashion, friendship, and building confidence is what we came for. Our fun weekend last Friday night started with the registration. Belle was so happy and thankful when Lauren Handler handed me a black "Pose off" shirt. After we received our sponsored outfit and styled by the one and only Stacie Fitzgerald, we met our team members in the pool. Kids had so much fun and enjoyed the pool while the mommies and some grandmas we met enjoyed chatting and exchanging ideas for the Team show.

Photo Credit: Child Essence Photography
The next day we met with Industry professionals. Belle got the chance to be seen and interviewed by Shirley Grant and Funny Faces Agency representatives.The amazing photographer Olesja Mueller Austrauskas took group picture of each team and Child Essence Photography took the individual pictures. East Coast Starz event also brought some of New York's talented photographers including Nathan Yungerberg, John Zadrozny of iStyle Photography, Stacy Holland Galizzi Photography, Le red and also Franco Photography from Texas who's works can be seen in Vogue Italia and lucky for Belle to be photographed by them.
Belle's Team A New York was so lucky to receive a couture dress especially made for them by the very talented designer Loren Franco, who came all the way from Texas to join the fun at Take 7. It was because of East Coast Starz that we finally met the CEO of Kid's Dream ( Belle modeled for the company) Chewy Jang from Los Angeles who sponsored another great team.

Belle's friend Kaidance who is from Tennessee was signed up by her mom Heather and joined Team A New York. Both Belle and Kaidance will have that special bond and memories to treasure. Belle was also very happy to see her picture in the billboard. Kids had a great time this weekend, from hanging out with old and new friends in the pool, to the scavenger hunt, the party where they met their favorite Frozen characters Elsa and Anna, meeting with industry professionals, photo shoots and Belle had a blast!

For Belle, we cannot miss the Take 7 event. She was so excited about it that even if she was not feeling well the night before the runway show, @ 2AM she was feverish, she woke us up at 6 AM and her exact words "Today is the day of my fashion show. Let's get moving! I don't want to miss it! “She is such a trooper and enjoyed every minute of it.

The highlight of the event for her is walking in the runway and when she received her crown and swag bag. I love that every participant were given a crown and a swag bag that made the child believe she won something for doing a great job. If you are a mom like me who doesn't want competition alone but want to have fun and build your kid's confidence, this is where you want to be. Come join us at East Coast Starz where every kid is a star.

-Christie Smith 

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