Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Leeza K., Age 12, Take 7!

After walking into the beautiful Marriott, I was welcomed by Lauren Handler, the owner, and Percy, Lauren and Stacie's helper at registration in a room full of gorgeous couture and Starz wear.  I then went up to Fitz's House of Style where Stacie Fitzgerald, the other owner, picked out a beautiful, blue romper by Les Tout Petits, for my sponsor outfit. Soon after that we had our team meetings. I was so excited to finally meet my team. All the girls were so sweet and we instantly had a bond.

The same day, I was honored to have had the opportunity to meet with Funny Face Today and Shirley Grant Management. Both agents were really nice and tried to engage in a conversation with each girl whether they were interested or not.
Photo Credit: Child Essence 

Next came the two photo shoots. I had been waiting for months to have a photo shoot with Olesja Muller
and I was so excited Stacie and Lauren were able to fly her in from California to shoot with every group. She was so sweet and hilarious! The whole time we couldn't stop laughing! We also had our individual photo shoot with Child Essence's, Alexi Kilmer. I had the opportunity to shoot with Alexi at Take 6 and I was so glad she came back, because she did an amazing job on my headshots last time!

I thought the scavenger hunt was such a great idea and our team had so much fun visiting all the stops! I think it really helped us become better friends. The scavenger hunt ended with the famous Starz party. Our team had SO much fun playing all the games and dancing. We danced until we all passed out in our beds.

Designers of Les Tout Petits Lois & Danny with Team London!
Our Team's Photo from the Destination Photo Booth at the Starz Party!

Finally, day 2 of Starz was here! I couldn't hold in my excitement anymore I woke up at 7am ready for the day ahead of me. What I really enjoy about Starz is that they open the runway for practice and Percy always gives you some tips. Since our group didn't go on until later, we watched the adorable little kids show, practiced our walks, and shopped at the booths in the ballroom!

Before we knew it, it was time to get ready, and walk the runway in our themed destination outfits. It was so cool to see what each person came up with for their destination. The time finally came for Team London to walk the runway in our London themed outfits! One by one we walked the runway, and then came out at the end for an encore. Once you hit the runway, all your nerves go away and you just are overjoyed with happiness and excitement.  We finished our routine and then started to go get ready for our sponsor showcase! We all did our routine, but this time we were only judged on our encore so we made sure we practiced, and focused on our encore. As we completed the sponsor showcase, the girls who were in the optional "Pose Off" competition headed for the dressing room while the others watched. I had so much fun doing the Pose off and the shirts we were given to wear were SO cute!

After, we completed the Pose Off we went back into our London outfits for awards. Even though we didn't win, we won for most team spirit and best of all gained confidence and made friends forever. I want to thank Lauren, Stacie, and the East Coast Starz staff for making such amazing events that lead to friendships, fun, and building my confidence.

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